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  1. Healthy and Wholsome
  2. Uk Supplier
  3. Shelf life of two years provided that goods are stored in airtight container in ambient conditions.

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This unrefined light muscovado sugar; has a subtler flavour and aroma to our dark muscovado sugar, is the world’s finest light brown sugar with its supreme richness and flavour. It is produced simply with the aim of keeping all the characters and qualities of the natural molasses in the sugar cane without refining it out, this process gives the muscovado sugar its excellent mild fudge like flavour and natural honey colour.The actual process of producing sugar by boiling and refining the juice from the sugar canes was first discovered in India, circa 1 B.C. By the early-16th century the Portuguese introduced sugar canes to Brazil, by the 18th century French and British colonialists were growing it in the West Indian colonies and sugar as a commodity was firmly on the map.Typical values per 100g; Energy 1632kJ/384kcal, Protein trace, Carbohydrate 96g, Fat 0g, Fibre 0g, Potassium 172mg, Calcium 53mg, Magnesium 19mg, Phosphorus 6mg, Sodium 3mg, Iron 1mg. 16 calories per level teaspoon (4g)Ingredients: Unrefined Cane Sugar

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